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Duplo News 02-2021 (01.05.2021)

The New Duplo Price List

As announced in the previous newsletter, we were forced to increase our prices as of May 1 due to extremely rising prices for our pre-materials.

The new price list for end customers is now available online.

As a farrier or retailer in our industry, you will receive our business price list upon presentation of your business registration.

Preise Verbund 01.JPG

Please note:

For all our existing commercial customers:

Please don't be surprised if your invoice no longer shows a discount due to the changeover to the commercial price list.

Our Response to Your Feedback in 2020

It’s about time – our main season is approaching and the spring weather invites us all to benefit from long trail rides out in the nature. Many endurance riders resume their training sessions now that most paths are usable again.

In the last season and with a lot of interest, we have followed several discussions in several Social Media groups. Even if we don’t always pipe up, we are very interested in your feedback.

However, even if we take your criticism very seriously, we must not forget the following aspect: The durability of a hoof protection like ours depends not only on the product itself but also on the riding discipline, the boarding conditions and the weather conditions. That’s why a change in one feature (the abrasion resistance, for example) may also be caused by a change in the surrounding conditions. A particularly dry summer… a new box neighbor who causes the horse to constantly paw the ground or be agitated… more riding activities… all of this may cause changes in the abrasion resistance of our products.

But of course we still started brooding when the comments in the Social Media showed that several endurance riders (or persons who ride a lot in general) had problems with our products in the past year. Even if most of our customers are very happy with our current synthetic material mixtures Standard and Extra, we also want to be able to offer an alternative in case of problems.

That’s why we are proud to present our new mixtures that are now available in the Duplo Innovations range of products. Just in time for the new season as well!

After having listened to your “calls”, we now need your support! Only if we get constructive and well-grounded feedback from you, we can seriously work on a positive solution for the future.

New at Duplo Innovations:
Mixture Matters!

At Duplo Innovations, we are pleased to introduce two new material blends, each in two degrees of hardness:

The "new mixture", which is primarily aimed at frequent or endurance riders, from which we hope to achieve even better abrasion results than from the regular Standard or Extra modes, and the "regranulate", which primarily serves the sustainable use of our resources and also represents a low-cost alternative to the regular Duplo horseshoes.

Both mixtures are available as Duplo Clipped and Profiled  in round and oval from size 118mm to 142mm.

We are looking forward to your feedback!

mischung machts titel.JPG


In the last years, we have launched several new models at Duplo Innovations. So with the Basic, the Heavy Duty Shoes and now the new mixtures, it's time again to also take a critical look at the existing range.

We have therefore decided to remove the Extra version of the Clipped and Threaded Duplo models with Closed Sole Area of our range. The remaining quantities are now available at a reduced price in the Sale.

The offer is valid without right of return and as long as stocks last.

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