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Duplo-News 01-2022 (04.04.2022)

Whether from conviction or necessity: Glue-on hoof protection has found its place in the market. It has always been important to us to react to modified circumstances and to adjust our horseshoes as well as possible to various requirements concerning their application, riding discipline or region.


That way, the models “Arizona” and “Jumper” (among others) were developed. Now it’s time to adjust Duplo Horseshoes optimally to the requirements as glue-on horseshoe. The result is our Duplo “Nailless”.

Duplo "Nailless"

During the shoeing process (both nailed and glued), the horseshoe is perfectly adjusted to the hoof. However, during the following weeks, the hoof continues growing – and at the end of the shoeing period, the horseshoe doesn’t fit as perfectly as before. As it were, the hoof grows over the horseshoe.


In that situation, the disadvantage of a glue-on horseshoe is that the tractive forces that act on the horseshoe increase a lot.

03-2022 Nailless3.jpg
Duplo Nailless
Duplo Nailless
Querschnitt Hufwachstum ENG.jpg

If the strain on the glue-on horseshoe is too big, the welding seam or the glue-on connection may yield.


If they don’t, either the glue-on tab or the synthetic material of the Duplo Horseshoe around the knob inlay will tear. In that case, the Duplo Horseshoe cannot be reused for another shoeing period.


In order to improve the durability of the Duplo Horseshoe in this situation, the “Nailless” model is produced without knob inlay and therefore this weak point of the glue-on horseshoe is reduced.

Above the knob inlay, there’s a slim synthetic layer which seals the inlay – but not the knobs.

In the topmost synthetic layer, there are many small holes around the knobs. In this area, the two synthetic materials aren’t perfectly connected. If the tractive forces are strong enough, the synthetic material between the holes may tear.

The Duplo Nailless doesn’t have this weak point!

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Even if there is no visible knob inlay, the Duplo Nailless has a certain knob profile because it is produced with the same injection molding tool as the regular un-clipped Duplo Horseshoe. The knobs have to be removed in order to achieve form closure, even if they aren’t as solid as the knobs of a knob inlay.

Don’t use the Duplo Nailless as a nailed hoof protection because the softer knobs won’t protect it against twisting out of position on the hoof.

The Duplo Nailless is also suitable for the combination with Duplo Cast Hooks!

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