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 January 1, 2021  




Modification Accessories
Modification Accessories
Modification Accessories
Application of the Duplo Extensions
Application of the Duplo Extensions
Application of the Duplo Extensions

Duplo Modification Accessories

As a composite horseshoe, the Duplo Horseshoe combines two different materials - metal and synthetic - and their numerous advantages for the hoof.

In order for the advantages of the Duplo shoe to work optimally, it is important that the horseshoe perfectly adjusted.

One of the strengths of the Duplo Horseshoe is that it can easily be modified to perfectly match the hoof shape and the individual needs of the horse.


In the past, however, it was more difficult to make a Duplo Horseshoe wider or longer or to create a closed horseshoe from a model with open sole area.


These modifications will be a lot easier by means of our new Modification Accessories!

Try them and let us know about your experiences.

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“If it doesn’t fit,

            make it fit!”

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