​Glue-on tabs

Wolf Busch

"powered by Duplo"

When it comes to glued hoof protection, it is important that the glued connection is stable so that you won't lose the horseshoe. Nevertheless - in order to minimize the risk of injuries for the horse - this connection should still be flexible enough so that it will break in case of emergency. Therefore, the Glue-on Tabs Wolf Busch are available in different sizes.

Due to their success, they are part of our

regular range since January 1, 2020.

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RB-Carbon Glue-on Tab
RB-Carbon Glue-on Tab
RB-Carbon Glue-on Tab
RB-Carbon Glue-on Tab
RB-Carbon Glue-on Tab
RB-Carbon Glue-on Tab
RB-Carbon Glue-on Tab
RB-Carbon Glue-on Tab
RB-Carbon Glue-on Tab
RB-Carbon Glue-on Tab
RB-Carbon Glue-on Tab

A Glue-On System for

Alternative Hoof Protection

The glue-on tabs RB-Carbon "powered by Duplo" were conceived by Wolfgang Busch and Christian Roncassaglia.




The requirements for the new system were that the final product should be easy to apply and of long durability. Both targets have been reached.

They have started quite a glue-on boom with our customers! However, the separation of the developing team has forced us to rename the glue-on tabs.


They will from now on be available as Glue-On Tabs Wolf Busch in our online shop. But don't worry: Apart from the name, nothing will change! The material used, the complete production and therefore the quality stay the same.


In the following video, Wolfgang and Christian explain how to apply the glue-on system and what you have to consider while doing this.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Useful material for the application:

  • Degreaser (Isopropanol 99%, no Acetone) in order to degrease the glue-on tabs and the hoof - for this purpose we like to recommend Multifoam

  • Sand Paper (80 – 120 grain size) in order to roughen the glued surface on the hoof

  • Cotton Cloth or kitchen roll in order to wipe away the degreaser from the hoof and the inner side of the glue-on tabs

  • Cyanoacrylate Adhesive – available in our shop!

  • Hot-Air Gun with adjustable airflow and temperature (300-600 °C / 572 – 1112 °F) and a fitting reduction nozzle of 9 mm - available in our shop!

  • Angle Grinder or Belt Sander – in order to bevel the lateral welded seams and in order to adjust the horseshoe

  • Board with a Notch to securely fixate the glue-on tab while welding it to the horseshoe

  • Paper to sketch the outline of the hoof

  • Permanent Marker

  • Protective Gloves – above all when you are working with the horseshoe

  • Single-Use Gloves (e.g. nitrile or vinyl) - when you are working with the degreaser or the adhesive