Part of the Regular Duplo Range beginning 

 January 1, 2021  



The Duplo horseshoe for a special price of less than 10.00 EUR gross

Duplo Basic Clipped and Profiled
Duplo Basic Clipped and Profiled
Duplo Basic Extra
Duplo Basic Standard

We are happy to present a new product of the Duplo world – a product that combines our high quality standards with an optimized price.

The Duplo Basic Clipped and Profiled is made from the same materials as our other models because we do not compromise in matters of quality!

We only do without

  • grinding the quarter clips

  • zinc-coating the quarter clips and the metal inlay

  • knob arrays

There is a Standard and an Extra version available.

Take a look at our online shop to get further information and details about available sizes!

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