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Duplo News 01-2021 (09.04.2021)

Price Adjustment in May 2021

Dear Duplo Customers,

in order to optimize our processes, we have introduced some changes in our conditions and pricing policy at the turn of the year.


Many of you have already adapted their ordering habits and regularly benefit from our quantity discounts.


Thanks to these adjustments, we were able to keep our prices at the turn of the year 2020/2021 despite rising expenses for wages, energy, and transport.

Unfortunately, we haven’t remained unaffected by the worldwide impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Both basic materials of our composite horseshoe have become so much more expensive (almost 40% for steel, about 20% for synthetic material) that we are regrettably unable to maintain our current prices until the end of the year.


Our suppliers have informed us that this trend is going to continue; there is no end of the price increase in sight.

We are therefore forced into adjusting our prices by about 10% from May 1, 2021. As always, we would like to offer you a certain time to handle the news instead of just presenting the new facts overnight.

Preise Verbund 01.JPG

Some good news...  

In order to at least absorb some of the price adjustment for some of you, we will launch a new test product in May.

During the production of our horseshoes, certain sprues drop out. They are cut off our products and collected in large vessels. By means of a special procedure, these sprues are converted into new synthetic granulate – the regranulate. It’s kind of a recycling procedure. We already use the regranulate for several by-products, such as our wedges.

For some time now, we have tinkered with the idea of making horseshoes from the regranulate. Using the regranulate would be great for a better use of our resources; in addition, we would be able to offer the products made from this material at a more favorable price. That’s why we have decided to start a test run and we hope that the new models will be an alternative for some of you despite our necessary price adjustment.

We will let you know as soon as the new test product is available.

Your Duplo Team

In Focus: Glue-On Hoof-Protection

Whether from necessity or from conviction: During the past months, we have noticed that more customers than before chose glue instead of nails.


 This “Glue-On Boom” probably started with the glue-on tabs Wolf Busch (before: RB-Carbon) that have convinced many customers because they are easy to apply and very durable.


However, it is quite difficult to make definite statements about glueing because the success of the glue-on hoof protection depends on so many different factors.


Our goal is to help you as our customers create uniform glue-on results that don’t depend as much from external circumstances (like temperature, humidity and an appropriate working surface for the welding process). 

Klebespezial titelbild.JPG

Our current range of glue-on tabs includes three models, some of them in various versions.


Even though there’s a successor available: we can’t do without our first and oldest glue-on tabs “Easy”. Many customers love it and don’t want to miss it – probably (also) because of its favorable price.


After some experiences with the glue-on tabs “Easy”, we launched the improved model “Pro”. Length and shape of its tabs are adjusted to the hoof form. The tabs are slightly bent inwards in order to minimize the forces that affect the glued connection between tabs and hoof. As our horseshoes, the “Pro” is available in two degrees of hardness – Standard and Extra. Both versions can be combined with any of our horseshoes.

Improved Surface

Both the “Easy” and the “Pro” are available in two versions – with regular or improved surface which helps the success of the glue-on process.

Wolf Busch

The glue-on tabs “Wolf Busch” were developed in the context of Duplo Innovations and our customers just love them. One of their advantages is that they can very well be combined with clipped horseshoes, open-toed models, or straight toe shoes (STS).

The glue-on tabs “Wolf Busch” are available in three sizes to fit the size of the corresponding horseshoe.

New at Duplo Innovations:
The Duplo Welding Device

Uniform welding seams, a flexible workplace and time savings at the same time - all this is made possible by our Duplo Welding Device.

The Duplo Welding Device was developed for the (included) reduction nozzle of the Steinel hot-air gun and can be used for all glue-on tabs that are currently available in our online shop, as well as for colored strips.


Take a look at our Innovations website to learn more! Here you can also find a step-by-step glueing instruction with some tips & tricks.

As with all our Innovations products, we are looking forward to your opinion! Only when and if the welding device has proven its worth in the daily routine, we will include it in our regular range of products.


Until then, you benefit from a more favorable test price.

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