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There are three HDS models available:


  • HDS Clipped and Profiled

  • HDS Clipped and Threaded

  • HDS Traction


Take a look at our online shop for further information and available sizes!


If you like our HDS models, we will produce them from 118 mm to approx. 198 mm in a Standard and an Extra line!


We are looking forward to your opinion!

For the really strong and big ones!


It has been quite some time during which we had to put horse owners and farriers off. Finally, we have a Duplo solution for big horses!


Draft horses, carriage horses, logging horses – they have something in common: They need an extremely solid horseshoe which is abrasion-resistant even during intensive use.


Our Duplo model for those horses is called


      Heavy Duty Shoe – a particularly solid Duplo Horseshoe.


Thanks to its solid metal inlay, the Duplo Horseshoe is very torsion-resistant during long-term use. For this concept to work during extreme conditions, the metal inlay of the HDS models “grows” – we use larger metal cores depending on the size of each horseshoe.


On average, the synthetic cover on the bottom side of the horseshoe is 0.5 cm thicker than in case of regular Duplo Horseshoes. That way, it it takes longer until the horseshoe is worn down even during increased abrasion caused by intensive use.

Heavy Duty Shoes


Standard HDS Clipped and Profiled


Extra HDS Clipped and Profiled


Standard HDS Clipped and Threaded


Extra HDS Clipped and Threaded


HDS Traction

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