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Duplo News 02-2022 (2022-06-30)

Price Increase on July 28, 2022


Dear Duplo Customers,

everything is getting more and more expensive… During the past months, we have tried many options in order to avoid a price adjustment. However, with the prices for raw material increasing by up to 50%, we are unfortunately forced to fall in line with the general development.


With our production site being located in Germany, we are currently not only confronted with the general price development and the dramatic situation at the supply market, but also with the legal adjustment of the minimum wage. Our staff has always earned above minimum; however, in order to keep showing them our appreciation and help them through inflation, we feel obligated to make adjustments in this area as well. This is also in your interest because our motivated team is the heart of our company. Our quality – of our products, our customer service and our reliable shipments – stands and falls with our staff.


For those reasons, we are going to raise our prices effective from July 28.

As always, we want to inform you as early as possible so you can refill your stock in time.

The current prices of our horseshoes are valid for orders up to July 28, 11 a.m.; afterwards, the prices will be adjusted.


Please note that ordering at the current prices is only possible while stocks last; there will be no subsequent delivery.

On Friday, July 29, our office will be closed and no shipments will be made.

The new price lists are already available online.


With the price adjustment, we are also going to introduce an online price reduction in order to say thank you to every customer who helps us optimizing our processes.


If you aren’t using our online shop yet, our customer service team will be happy to help you with the transition.


Our Recommendation:


Many of our customers can use the same horseshoe more than once - check if it is possible to use your old Duplo Horsehoe for another shoeing period.

We have summarized all information about durability in our FAQ for you.

NEW: Duplo Mini Welding Device

The mini version of our popular welding device is aimed at all those who are looking for a budget-priced (but equally efficient) basis for uniform welding seams. It offers the same functionality as our existing de-vice but not the comfortable option of combining it with anvil or hoof stand without manual adjustments.

We are looking forward to your opinion!

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