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GLUE-on Tabs



"Here’s the new one!"

The Duplo Glue-On Tabs “Stick-On”

Never mind whether it’s from necessity or from conviction – the demand for glue-on horseshoes grows constantly. One determining factor for the success of a glue-on shoe is that the farrier gets along with the glue-on system. However, since every user has another approach and since everyone also has their taste, we’d like to present another glue-on system – the Duplo Glue-On Tabs “Stick-On”.


They have been developed by the engineer Hoerby Mende and Michaela Ederer. Both are farriers and have specialized in glueing, especially for therapeutic purposes.


The most important advantage of the “Stick-On” is its short glue-on time. In case of pain-sensitive or nervous horses, this may decide whether the glue-on project is successful or not.


We are looking forward to your opinion!

For further details as well as an instruction please visit our online shop!

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